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My sentimental full-circle moment

My sentimental full-circle moment

It’s a full-circle moment for me during this week's very special podcast.  Most of my family, friends, and listeners know that Samantha’s WEST was created on a family vacation in the US Virgin Islands during Thanksgiving 2020. 

What most don’t know:

-Mid-drive to Miami my dad Chip changed our Dominican Republic kite-surfing vacation to a sailing trip in USVI due to his wife’s “passport issues” 

-A ridiculously cute little boy confused me for his ridiculously pretty mama aka Briana of Southern Saint 

-my first brand partnership idea clicked before we even arrived back in Miami 

Our last day was Water Island, a cute small Island with a bar and grill. Here is where this cool group of families were all hanging around and wearing baseball hats that I immediately fell in love with, and foolishly thought I could purchase at the tiki bar. 

Long story short after Briana’s little boy Kingston confused me for her (love that child!) We began speaking and discovered a ton of overlap. Briana grew up in Daytona Beach, and her wedding was at a venue I also looked at in Jacksonville. 

She has started this incredible lifestyle brand called Southern Saint and I’m so excited to share it with you all. 


The Southern Saint logo is a mongoose (lots of Instagram pictures of West in their clothes) and is so much more than cool hats and rashguards.  Their motto “Strive to be sustainable and leave only our sandy footprints behind”, and emphasis to bring more jobs to the island are beyond inspiring!  

Listen to this week's podcast to find out more about the inception of the brand, how Southern Saint is adding to the local economy, and creating a fund to help the local population too.

If you're curious, here are the links to Southern Saint:

Listen to the podcast

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When we commit, we commit hard…

When we commit, we commit hard…


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