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Hi Everyone-
I thought this week's podcast deserved a post as well.  It's been a long few weeks, while they were amazing and fun they also brought some topics up that had me thinking more. 
On a light note, my son and I really do thrive in our consistent weekly routine.  I swore I would never be that mom that lived and died by my child's schedule.  My husband's first time around as a dad was very regimented (my next lesson would probably advise me not to talk about this but oops) especially because of the challenges with not one baby but TWINS. I made a promise to him that this wouldn't be our future(or future demise) with our then hypothetical child.  Long story short, we had a fabulous week celebrating Mike's birthday with Papa Chip and Uncle Dott. But, after a week of no school, bedtime, and what felt like two much screen time I'm very happy to report that we like bedtime, coffee in the car en route to school, and extended day pick up :) 
The hard stuff-  I have touched on this topic a few times throughout my podcasts.  I used to be a serious people pleaser.  I always said YES even if it was at my own expense.  I even had a former friend tell me I was a "yes woman" (emphasis on former) . Hopefully my lessons will help some out too, listen to episode 18 "Gaining new perspective" to hear more about my lessons...

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When we commit, we commit hard…

When we commit, we commit hard…